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 Employee Testimonials

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I have never seen a company more dedicated to mental health care in the surrounding area that accepts Medicaid. It's such a pleasure to work with like-minded individuals!

Taylor Trotta

Executive Assistant

Mindful Healing Works Wellness Center is dedicated to providing high quality mental healthcare. Erin’s commitment to changing the way mental healthcare looks and how one heals is a one of a kind approach. I love that her number one goal is to help YOU achieve YOUR goals and become your best you! Even when it means you are ready to move on without her, because THAT is the ultimate goal! Her team of caring and selfless therapists are excellent at what they do!

 Sharon Keene

PRP Program Consultant

The team at MHWWC radiates passion and warmth, making the workplace something to look forward to during the week. Everyone is willing to help each other's growth alongside the growth of the organization itself.

Dani Milan

PRP Director

I've been employed at MHWWC for eight months. The organization is growing as a whole. At MHWWC, I have been afforded the autonomy to grow and express my concerns. The energy at the entity is warm and accepting. There are a lot of great staff members on the team. It is a great opportunity if you're looking for a change in environment to work on our interdisciplinary team!!!

Anna Maith